Standing Committees

Appointment Committee – Jacklyn Medina, Esq. and Guillermo Artiles, Esq., Co-Chairs

The committee is able to assist our active and paid members navigate the process of being considered for a board and commission. Boards and commissions are designed to give citizens an active voice in their government and provide a means of influencing decisions that shape the quality for residents of New Jersey. The committee is collecting resumes of individuals who are interested in serving on boards, commissions, and executive positions. The committee welcomes your participation in this process.  For more information, please click here.

Bylaws Committee – Reynold Lambert, Esq., Chair

The committee decides all questions regarding the implementation, interpretation, and/or conflicts that arise regarding the administration of Association Bylaws. The committee considers what amendments are appropriate and researches, analyzes, and prepares the appropriate recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees.

Endorsement Committee – Julia A. Lopez, Esq., Chair & HNBA Liaison

The committee takes endorsement requests for an elected position with the Hispanic National Bar Association (”HNBA”) very seriously.  Pursuant to Article 8, Section 4(j) of the HBA-NJ Bylaws, the Endorsement Committee reviews the material submitted by each candidate and interviews candidates that request an opportunity to be endorsed.  After careful deliberation, the committee shall communicate their recommendations to the HBA-NJ Board of Trustees, which will vote on the committee’s recommendations and will thereafter issue the endorsements that were approved by the HBA-NJ Board of Trustees. For more information about endorsements, please click here.

Finance and Operations Committee – Hector Ruiz, Esq., Chair

The committee is responsible for the Association’s financial management efforts. The committee proposes an annual budget for the Association no later than December 1 of each year. The budget shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

Fundraising Committee – Hector Ruiz, Esq., Chair

The committee is responsible for all Association fundraising and sponsorship efforts at the direction of the President.

Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee – Ivette R. Alvarez, Esq., Chair

The committee notifies the general membership of vacancies within the state and federal judiciary and in state, county, and local prosecutor offices, and on boards and commissions (nearly 600) within the State of New Jersey and of positions in the Executive branch of government. The committee conducts outreach and interviews or vets potential candidates for these positions who are seeking the endorsement of the Association in support of their candidacy. The committee is also responsible for creating liaisons with members of the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate, as well as Governor’s counsel’s office. The committee conducts outreach and interviews or vets potential candidates for these positions who are seeking the endorsement of the Association in support of their candidacy.

E-Communications Committee – Arianna Moure, Esq. and Stephanie Brown, Esq., Co-Chairs

The committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the website and is responsible for all external communications of the Association.

Scholarship Gala Committee - Ricardo Solano, Esq. and Robert Lamilla, Esq., Co-Chairs

The committee shall organize and coordinate the Association’s annual scholarship gala and dinner dance. The committee plans all logistics for the HBA-NJ’s Gala, which is the Association premier, signature event.

Public Policy Committee – Felipe Chavana, Esq. and Adalgiza Nunez, Esq., Co-Chairs

The committee is responsible for researching, monitoring, and advising the Board of Trustees regarding issues of importance to the Hispanic Community, and manner in which the Association can use the law and its resources to address those issues.

Young Lawyers Committee – Stephanie Brown, Esq. & Leidy Gutierrez, Co-Chairs

The committee is responsible for furthering the goals of the HBA-NJ in serving the Hispanic community and legal profession, while also furthering the interests of its young professional members.  The committee serves its young professional members with mentorship, professional guidance, leadership development, and networking opportunities.

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Founded in 1980, the HBA-NJ is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit association that is comprised of attorneys, judges, law professors, law students, and other professionals who share a common interest in addressing the issues affecting Hispanics within the legal community.

The purpose of the Association is to serve the public interest: (i) by cultivating the art and science of jurisprudence, (ii) by advancing the standing of the legal profession, and (iii) by preserving high standards of integrity, honor, and professional courtesy among Hispanic lawyers.

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